Vic Mensa, is an American rapper from South Side Chicago, USA.  He is currently signed to Roc Nation and could be a major breath of fresh air for HOV!  Vic Mensa is definitely in a lane of his own yet you get that feeling like he could be Kanye west’s super hero side kick in an action pack thriller of movie and soundtrack, (don’t produce it with me).  Save money is the motto and with his alliance with Chance the Rapper, I am sure there will be plenty to get and save.   His debut studio album The Autobiography was released in 2017 and is a burner.  The young man is a dope lyricist and great visionary in his reflection of life through thought to word then song….




Mensa has gone in the bag for vamping amid artistic reincarnations bond in discovering his selfhood. Nevertheless even so it seems, which ever way he waves his magic wand, it works.  He is a dynamos musical master.  They say the kid had Ye and Hov in a bidding war.  Maybe he will be the reason the GODs produce something new together, either way it go.  He is DOPENESS – LISTEN